For over 100 years, IVNA has provided high quality compassionate home health care, case management and advocacy for persons in need. From a small group of visiting nurses concerned about the lack of access to health care to a ground-breaking partnership with home health care agencies in the greater Richmond community, IVNA continues to improve the lives of our patients by providing the high-quality, low-cost care to those in need.

Mission and Goals

IVNA is dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate home health care, case management, and advocacy for persons in need while assuring that home care is delivered to more persons in need at a lower cost, thereby providing conscientious stewardship of the community’s charitable dollars. IVNA is further committed to improving the lives of its charity care patients by helping them become healthier, more independent and care plan adherent as well as delaying and/or preventing emergent care and stays in care institutions allowing them to age safely at home,

Wellness and Home Health Care Services

Community Programs:
  • Community Clinic and Wellness Programs including an intensive flu immunization outreach program, worksite health screening clinics, health education services and immunizations such as shingles, pneumonia, etc.
Charity Home Care:
  • Home Based Skilled Care, including skilled nursing care; physical, rehab, speech and occupational therapies; infusion services and social work services to home-bound persons who are under or un-insured.
  • Philips Lifeline, a personal emergency response alarm which enables a home bound patient to contact emergency services at the push of a button which is worn as a bracelet or pendant.
  • RT Dose a service which fills a patient’s medication dispenser on a regular basis enabling him or her to manage his or her own medication adherence and remain safely at home.

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